And so it begins …

And here I go … again.

Again? yes! well, what can I say? I went on quite a writing/ food-blogging hiatus (on another website mind you, that wasn’t terribly too favorable of an experience but still a fond memory, nonetheless) But really, my head’s a little more clear now and I’m ready to jump back into the water.

In the end, there’s many, MANY folks out there with food blogs, but in the end, everyone just needs to EAT, period! I was starting to lose motivation, really, with all the Joes n’ Janes covering every crumb and drop of eats on the planet, fork in their sink, and flies coming out of their wallet in the aftermath of what has now become quite the new revolution in food. A majorly huge wave of trying to awaken people to great food in a country filled with much flavor. Even coining a term for the fanatics of the craze: foodies. What more could you ask for?

The question though, inevitably, is simple: Foodie or not, what is it we’re all looking for? to be healthy? or happy? or ideally, both! either way, there was really only one way to go back to scratch the constant itch on my brain. Pretty much, thinking that there really wasn’t any other way for me to be other than to just be me! Silly, plain ol’ me!

Here it is, from plain, silly ol’ me, is a plain, silly truth that we all know: We all need to eat. It is our fuel, our fulfillment, something we need to constantly care for and something that really just needs to lead to something great. America, although becoming more aware and cautious of our growing waists (and for some, those of their children), are going to have to make the connection between choosing life and choosing much all-around love in our lives that will hopefully last a long while! I’m going to live by the rule that you literally can have that cake, eat it too, and get out to explore and make that cake worthwhile

I will fold by fold, piece by piece, try to uncover the joys of life hand in hand to the joys of food.

I hope y’all are willing to join me on this crazy, wonderful ride 🙂 because I am durned excited to get it started! – CC



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