“Peasant” Pleasantries 2.0

my first attempt @ Boeuf Bourguignon! June 2010

“peas·ant [pez-uhnt] –noun 1. a member of a class of persons, as in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, who are small farmers or farm laborers of low social rank. 2. a coarse, unsophisticated, boorish, uneducated person of little financial means.

pleas·ant·ry [plez-uhn-tree] –noun, plural -ries. 1. good-humored teasing; banter. 2. a humorous or jesting remark. 3. a courteous social remark used to initiate or facilitate a conversation: to exchange pleasantries. 4. a humorous action.”dictonary.com

I’m not too keen on the whole concept of describing anyone as “boorish” nor “unsophisticated”, but I will say that in a weird way when it comes to learning and eating, we’re all peasants in a sense. Hence, “pleasantries”… in matters of food, it’s all good fun had by all. And thus bringing us to the joys of Peasant Pleasantries 2.0.

Although life is tending to go a tad in the fast lane these days, we are living in quite the generation of the “Re”: RE-loaded, RE-wind, RE-new, and RE-do”. And as follows in the style, food and the way we eat has also been taken on this change in a big way. Case in point: the so-called “peasant” dishes. The food that was long before considered not the food of kings, somehow have found their redemption! Some still served in their own classic way, and then of course, those who have been given quite the makeover and granted sterling reputation by those who are irrefutably devoted to them 😉
a list of “peasant” dishes – food that were once considered lower-class/ commoner/ childish nosh (now all majorly refre$hed and revamped with a vengeance):
– Fried chicken
– Lobster
– Sushi
– Pizza
– Pho
– Tacos
– Couscous
– Brown rice
– Onion Soup
– Risotto
– Crepes
– Ramen
– Grilled cheese sandwiches
– Boeuf Bourguignon (French beef stew)
– Bibimbap (Korean mixed rice bowl)
– Kamjatang (Korean spicy potato soup)
– Goulash (Hungarian stew)
– Coq au Vin (French wine chicken)
– Haggis (Scottish sausage)
– Horiatiki (Greek salad)
– Osso Buco (Italian veal shanks)
– Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches)
– Arroz Con Pollo (Spanish chicken rice)
– Huevos Rancheros (Mexican tortillas w/ fried eggs)
– Ropa Vieja (shredded flank steak)
In a generation of “re” looks like peasant dishes have been given a major dose of re$pect. Hats off. 🙂
C’mon. Everyone’s got a favorite peasant dish, what’s yours??

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