*BANG!* For Your Buck$

And so, it is time for some more delicious things, but with the lovely zinger of a bang for your buck$. Why? because somehow in the midst of crazy weather, we managed to get some benefits with seasonal fruits and vegetables. So, let’s do what we do best and use the motivation of well, being hungry! Remember, these are all just suggestions and feel free to use your own creative take on everything. You’ll be amazed at what you can make out of this great situation 🙂


Steam ’em, grill ’em, whichever way you want ’em? Get them now.. because most likely at many places right now? it will cost you $.99 per pound! (as opposed to a few weeks ago when it was nearly $3.99 per pound) I totally invaded the Fruit & Veggie vendor around the block and got PLENTY for the week.

Alright, I confess. It took me almost 22-years to appreciate vegetables and another 6 to figure out which ones I’d actually try to eat every day. In the end, green beans were the winner. Why? I honestly just find them to be simply good on their own, and simple to prepare. For some reason chopping up and eating a bowl of lettuce just seemed like too much of a commitment (unless of course my sister makes it, and she makes a pretty durned good salad)

Of course, Green bean casserole is fantastic, however if you’re looking for a flavorful take with less calories involved, here’s what I usually do: a ROASTED GREEN BEAN MIX. It’s not the same, I know, but hopefully it might still leave a smile on your face.

Moving on ….


An apple a day keeping the doctor away? Honestly, maybe I’m doing something wrong but I always found Vitamin C to be the one I and everyone else seem to run to. Right now, there is PLENTY citrus in season and amongst them, Navel and Blood Oranges which one could totally take delight in for the sweet scent alone!

I’ll admit, I tried my first blood orange from the supermarket just a few weeks ago, and it was … interesting. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. The best part of it being, I kept eating more and more pieces of it to help determine my decision. Consensus? If it’s in season, try it! You never know what new things you could look forward to.

A great time I’ve found, to test out the response to new creations is, of course, parties. People want something to drink? Fresh fruit will give you a good running start. E was going on a Fanta Orange Soda kick for a while, and although the taste of childhood is a doozy of competition, I promise you that squeezing juice fresh and creating a refreshing sparkler on your own is just as promising, if not more delicious and frankly, just better for you. (E loves everything I make of course, so the ultimate test came on this past Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, I was rooting for the Steelers and we lost, but my food was durned good and everyone sure enjoyed this!!

Try it out. A fresh drink never hurt anyone: A SPARKLING, BLOODY ORANGE PUNCH (IN THE NAVEL)

and finally …


Right now they’re hot, hot, hot! Everyone needs a little color into their life, particularly with their food. Case in point, Kiwis are currently on sale in many of your local food markets, so snag ’em up while you can.

Growing up, since Kindergarten I was told “close your eyes and a kiwi tastes just like a strawberry.” The funny thing is, as I got older of course this was starting to change along with my taste buds. Maybe it’s just the picky in me, but the texture and taste of kiwi I find to be one of its own. (and not to mention, a gorgeous green at that)

In a sense, kiwi kind of has a foot in several categories with good food, particularly in its great talent as a meat tenderizer AND and a great partner for savory dishes. If you’re up for it, try this one on for size with your next batch of grilled chicken or pork chops! SPICY KIWI & PEAR COMPOTE

(all recipes available on the blog. And if you ever, EVER have any questions, feel free to email me)

PHEW..!!! (ps, I was stupid and decided to create the recipe blog at the same time while trying to write this one. It’s been about 5 hours but I made it!)

well, eat up, and enjoy all that you can. 🙂


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