Keeping Your Spirit Fed

The other day, E asked me what was my favorite chocolate, hands-down-no-competition. As I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate in my life, dare I say it (and it might sound blasphemous to many) that my favorite chocolate of all-time is a Hershey bar with a clear runner-up being Swiss chocolate my friend brought back for me from while she studied in Basel. Then I realized, really, every taste in the world wouldn’t compete with the taste of childhood joy. French chocolate, Japanese Yan-Yan, hot chocolate from Max Brenner or the Ronnybrook Farm stand at the Farmers’ Market … nothing else really compared to the taste of nostalgia. It usually wins hands-down, all the time!

We often tap into our spirit for different reasons, but more so because it really does make up who we are. It is the part of us that has always been there since the day we were born. The thing is, how many of us really do just exercise our spirit? This is definitely where food can fall into both categories of your physical and spiritual being. Like our bodies, your spirit needs to be nourished and strengthened, and despite what folks may say, it shows! As muscular as we might get, it’s what ends up shining through.

What is it that one would do to feed our lil ol’ souls? Some of us look to religion, some don’t. Some look to meditate, and some of us look to “me” time. Some will go looking for it in a plate of brownies, and some will look to get it from whoever they can. Either way, everyone was born with one and tries finding ways to fulfill it.

When we eat something great, I don’t know about you, but when I eat something absolutely fantastic I begin to giggle (as I did recently during a fantabulous dinner @ Quality Meats involving Bone Marrow and their Coffee & Doughnuts ice cream. You simply must try them!!). I have a child in my class who made quite the greatest, happiest shrieks when she got her favorite food for lunch one day. My friends will have the biggest, gleeful eyes possible when I bring out a big ol’ homemade ice cream cake. But aside from those times, the rest of our lives are devoted to eating “healthy” (or at least, we should be ;). But yet, aside from food, how do we keep recharging the batteries on ourselves day in and day out, in hopes that the part of us that shines the most is still maintained as it was since the day we started life?

That said, to keep our spirit strong, what is it we need to do to keep it healthy, happy, but most of all, fed?

– Finding Quiet: Seriously, there isn’t enough of it in any of our lives. Literally, take about 5 minutes of your day (or 2 if you really really can’t spare the other 3!) for complete and utter SILENCE. No phone, no computer, no kids, NOTHING going on visually or aurally. It’s just you, your heart, and your breathing.

Movin’ Right Along: I said it before, I’ll say it again, just take a walk sometimes and it really will get the gears in motion. Whether listening to your music while you do it, or taking everything in step-by-step, it’s the kind of fulfillment you can only get if you’re out there seeing it for yourself.

Enjoy Yourself: As the saying goes, “Life is too short” it really is true. I’m not saying go and dive head-first off a cliff with a bungee cord every morning to wake you up, but I am saying that if you want to see Paris, save up and go see it because seeing the pictures just won’t cut it. Make PLANS, guys. And if being calculated isn’t your style, then perhaps take life one happy beat at a time. Keep everything positive, don’t be foolish, and just have one great thing to look forward to every day.

– Laugh!!!: I still remember some of the first movies that made me laugh to the point of near-tears were Clue and Spaceballs when I was 6-years old,  Coming To America when I was 9-years-old, and then Monty Python and the Holy Grail following soon after. Finding the humor in a lot of things really will keep us all on our toes, take it from someone who takes everything too damn seriously sometimes 😉 Easier on your heart, and easier on your glow 😉

EAT: Yep, everyone’s favorite part. Limitations may find us somewhere in life, but if you can still find a way to fit a small bite in your life of the things you love? I say go for it. I made a long list of the places I have yet to try and the food I have yet to make. I can’t even start to TELL you how my feet were basically flying the first time I stepped into Eataly in NYC. I was friggin fluttering like my feet had wings and could have danced down those aisles as I’ve been known to do in supermarkets.. however… it was a first visit and I needed to be.. proper. 😉

Remember your spirit, ’cause you carry it every day. Take good care of it, don’t let it go hungry …

most of all, keep everything as delicious as possible.


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