Stay Tuned !!!!

Hi Everyone!!!! (whatever wonderful reader you might be. 🙂 )

Yes, I absolutely confess to being terrible about keeping updated, but with good reason!

It’s been a busy, busy time, but a good portion of the day has been keeping up with this and with 2 upcoming happenings that will hopefully help your senses feel faboosh, the best way I know how to.

Starting next week … Little Treats and Caro’s Recipes will be giving the full-star treatment to BBQ Lovers everywhere in aweek I am devoting to Spring’s Breakaway!!! Yes, her desperate attempts to shine are still being foiled by the Winter ice queen who just won’t quit! So we’re going to force her to stay strong and bring in the BBQ recipes. (be forewarned, my beloved vegans and vegetarians. There will be much meat involved in this final love letter/ urging peace treaty with Winter/ Spring’s housewarming fiesta galore).  There will be thrills, chills, cooking to fill. Keep up and be armed with a glass, plate, and fork, because I promise you a recipe for my very first BBQ Pulled Pork!!! With fabulous poise and prose, and I promise to keep ya on your toes by following your nose!

(yes, cheesetastic.. but you get the idea)

AND also, starting next week … I will be finally launching BLOG NUMBER 3!!!! in conjunction with Little Treats, entitled Each Time. Devoted entirely, and completely, to the loves in my life above all else: the Arts 🙂

My ultimate delight to help bring my best foot forward in shining much-deserved light on Art, Dance, Music, Theater, and much, much, much, much, much, much more. I can’t stress just how important exploring into this territory is for everyone, and I am more than excited to get this started!!!!!

It’s going to be a great time. Stay tuned, and hope to see you again in a few days!!


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