Back In Business & Ain’t It Grand …

ANNNNNNNNND …. we’re back.

Well, actually I was back a while ago but there was much much much to write about (and muchmuchmuch to do otherwise)

but as how was the trip to Vegas? In a word: great.

Simply put, it was a third trip out there, however this time around I can honestly say we definitely got the most out of our time there and amazingly enough, there were so many familiar faces to enjoy it with! (and one I hadn’t seen in 16 years, wutta reunion!) Much food eaten, much laying back, and many more shows seen than before and in glorious West Coast sunshine. Time was definitely well-spent.

I definitely had some longing looks at the Red Rock Mountains from wherever we were, but next time, they will be climbed once again!

In the meantime, STAY TUNED! because there will be tons of food blogging on Caro’s Recipes of all the food that I insisted to follow me back home…

… and more all about the shows we got to see on the Each Time blog!

Thanks for the great time, Vegas. 😉


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