Ridin’ the Allergy Wave

SPRING!!! That deceptive little saucy beast!!

It showed its pretty face for what seemed like mere seconds here on the East Coast. Somewhere between one winter with some major break-up withdrawal right into what would appear to be a short Spring Fling. In the peak right after its glamor (when I happened to be in Vegas) it decided to do nothing but rain for the entire month between April and onto filling up the entire calendar of May. Can I just say for the record, going from no rain and sunshine (I much prefer the desert wind!) and coming home to yet another downpour of rain more so than when we left? You have to start finding all the reasons again why it was a relief to come home in the first place …

That said, with the return back home came the POSH showing of spring. FLOWERS! The magnolia trees were gorgeous, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the lilacs were wandering over not far behind in their path. As they’re some of my favorite flowers, it was quite an exciting time….

But then of course, came the big show. The SHOW to end ALL SHOWS. The one that just started with a tease and blew up big time when it realized it could cash in on its annual fame …

!!!! ALLERGIES !!!!

For myself, this never used to be a problem. This of course was up until I was about 20-years-old and allergy-induced asthma was starting to become a bit of a problem in my life. Slowly but surely, both fall AND spring allergies were becoming the giant pain and living up to their sterling reputation: dry eyes, sneezes, sniffles, oh and of course, the breathing thing. Now who could forget that one?

So there are a few things to be said about Spring Allergies thus far. They say that this has actually been one of the worst spring seasons for allergies, and even though NYC isn’t anywhere on the list, it still doesn’t make anything better. In the meantime for myself, my allergies gave me quite the nasty upper-respiratory infection and my neti pot  has become quite the close friend. I thought all this rain was supposed to get RID of this nastiness??? GYAH!

But for all my fellow sufferers … let us take a vow of unity in the meantime *ahem*:

Let’s love this durned season… even if it means admiring it from afar out the window.

We shall take the vow of Kleenex n’ let it RUN free .. as fast as your nose RUNS, and I’m sure that these blasted allergies RUN in the family

We shall EAT ’em fantastic bountiful foods to help your ride along your allergy wave: steering clear of dairy, fillin’ up on honey on the spoonful a day, lemon water, our greens n’ Citrusy goodness …

We will enjoy the spring of course, but remember to take our meds: dearest Claritin, Allegra, and Vicks Sinex, nasal spray and of course, much sleep in bed.

We will try to remember to clean our houses with that pesky dust that lurks about, and of course, shower n’ wash ’em clothes.

But most of all, as beautiful as you are, we’re looking forward to your end, and know that our relief to all this suffering is just around the bend.



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