Ireeny-beans: To Be or Not to Be (Pt. II)

Hurricane Irene: She came (sort of), she saw (sort of), and left.

we’re definitely lucky that we still had power, no tree damage done in E’s apartment complex. However, last night’s rain left us a reminder this morning in the small lake Irene left in front of the doorstep …

E celebrated it with a paper boat. 😉 and since later this morning, the lake is no more.

Hurricane Irene: did she or did she not make the grand entrance everyone said she was going to? Looks like it wasn’t quite as climactic as people led us to believe this time around.

And we’re totally thankful.

Sunday post-Irene Brunch (consisting mostly of a combination of take-out and 2-day storm essentials) – warmed-up Whole Foods soup, sandwiches, fresh-cut pineapple, and a big ol’ glass of salted chocolate milk 🙂 Cheers.


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